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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

News: the beautiful and ugly.

Everyone likes to give good and bad news at the same time. Doctors, reporters, parents...

I have good and bad news, I'll start with the bad.

I got my car towed yesterday :(
Mainly because I'm a stupid idiot. It takes awhile to get a hang on this living in LA thing... I'm beginning to learn the driving rules (drive fast, use your blinker, if it looks like you can't get over just go because they won't hit you, if you can't turn left turn turn left on the red light as long as you're the first or second person in line, keep an eye on walkers and bikers because they sure won't keep an eye on you, if you can't parallel park just do it because that's the only space you'll get, etc.) But I still forget that this city doesn't kid around about parking violations. At about 1:30, I parked in a spot in front of my friend's house that's no parking 3-5. I thought, "Oh, it's not three, so I can park here." But alas! I left it there until after three, and bam. It was gone.

It was a little complicated to get it back, because:
1) I didn't have any money, because the day before Colton and I went to the bank, opened a joint account, and are waiting for our debit cards to arrive. They gave us a temporary card, which you can use at the ATM, but Colton had it and you can only take out $60 at a time. The tow place would only accept cash or a credit card that belonged to you, so my friend decided that she could write me a check and we'd take it to the bank and cash it.
2) Her husband had the car and was downtown. He got stuck in traffic on the way home, so once he got back to the apartment, we literally had twelve minutes before the bank closed, and an hour before the towers closed. Also, I was supposed to pick Colton up from work in an hour, and bring him back at 7am.
3) The car is in Colton's dad's name, so I had to get him to fax a release form and his picture id to the towers.
4) Colton and I went to the DMV last week, and I must've accidentally switched the registrations afterward, because the one in the car was expired.

1) We made it to the bank - I was the last customer they let in.
2) Colton's dad was able to send the fax.
3) The guy at the towers was really, really nice. I showed him that the license sticker was up to date, and he let my registration slide.
4) They didn't have change, and asked if I had three extra dollars. The only money I had in my wallet was three dollars.
5) So I got the car back!!!
5) Colton wasn't mad, or even annoyed. When we got home, he was so sweet and made my bad night into a good one :)

And that's not even the good news!

The good news is that I have some wedding pictures to show :)

Here's a facebook album with more, if you want to see :)
Photography Credit: Heather and Jon from One Love Photo. Check out their website. Do it.


  1. Ahhh! Crazy! But good for you for figuring it out and getting the car back :)

  2. What a frustrating day! I'm so glad it had a happy ending -- and your pictures are beautiful. :-)

  3. wow. wowwww. your wedding photos are the bomb!
    I'm so so impressed.
    the whole wedding party is so fun and photogenic, too!

  4. Kelly, I adore your wedding photos! And, what a crazy story! I'm glad it turned out well. It sure is a good one to pull out when you want to remember the goodness in humanity. :)