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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Have you ever felt restless?
Or like you haven't accomplished anything?

Well, I feel like that sometimes.
It's sometimes strange being out of school, where I spent the majority of my years. I'm really good at school. I'm book-smart, so it was easy for me to excel. I also like tests. I like being graded. I like when I'm told when I've done well.

But I don't get grades anymore, and I stay at home most of the time, and my house is usually a mess anyway. So sometimes I forget that I'm good at things, and that I do still accomplish things.

So, I'm going to make a list of good things I've done since graduating, so whenever I feel like I'm not good at anything, or that I don't do any important, I can look at my list and remember that I've actually done quite alot since graduating.

Since I graduated, I:

(In the general category)
-Got married
-Bought his wedding ring with my own money
-Made every centerpiece and bridesmaid accessory for the wedding
-Had an apartment for the first time
-Made the biggest purchases of my life with Colton (TV, couch, dining room table, bookshelves, bed. Yikes!)
-Paid my first bills
-Was the production designer/art director/art assistant on four short films (and I have another coming up this month!)
-Moved across the country to Los Angeles
-Made two cross-country road trips
-Made new friends
-Learned how to parallel park (Well... mostly. Sometimes it still takes a few tries.)
-Learned how to drive in LA without freaking out
-Learned how to ski
-Learned how to use Garage Band
-Learned how to use photoshop way better (Thanks, Colton!)
-Chose a church in LA and joined a small group

(In the home)
-Made a cleaning calendar that I've (mostly) stuck to
-Hosted several parties
-Figured out how to use the gas stovetop/oven without being afraid it's going to blow up
-Learned how to cook using wine/cognac/brandy
-Chose and installed curtains and a big rod (With a drill!)
-Perfected my own chicken pot pie recipe
-Perfected my own green beans recipe
-Perfected my own iced coffee recipe
-Perfected my own pancake recipe
-Perfected my own chili recipe (And won 2nd prize at a chili cookoff!)
-Broke, then repaired the garbage disposal (Note to disposal owners - you're not supposed to pour coffee grounds in there, and also check for little spoons that may have fallen in before you turn it on.)
-Made weekly meal plans and grocery lists, (usually) sticking to a $100 budget

And you know what? Looking over this, I feel good.

(If you're interested in any of my recipes, or want to know more, I will be more than happy to share.)