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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brown Beauties

I'm a shoe girl.

Unfortunately, I had to pare down my collection for the big move.

So now I'm down to 12 pairs. (It sounds like alot, but believe me - it's a big change for me.)

I've been doing well, keeping my thoughts away from things like patent leather and round toes.

Until I saw these babies. Wish List!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home Improvement

(Did any of you guys watch that show? My sister and I ate it up, mainly because of JTT. Plus, Wilson is so mysterious.)


Colton's gaffing today (that means he's in charge of lighting a set) so I'm here at the apartment trying to make it a little more like a home. It's definitely a nice apartment, but it's very bare. Cream walls, cream ceiling, slightly darker cream carpet. I usually work with a pretty bright palette, so it's a challenge to liven this place up a little without having to paint everything (although I'm planning to paint the bedroom a light grey.)

So this morning I put up the curtains. (I borrowed a drill from the manager. The directions on the rod said to use a 1/4 bit. Yikes!) I also decided to go ahead a put some photos up, and I made a little harness on our ukulele to attach it to the wall :)

Our Fireplace!

The Living Room (The couch faces the tv, and is actually a really nice warm grey, even though it looks brown in the picture)
The fabric I picked out to sew some cushions
Our Jack-O-Lantern! Here in LA, pumpkins wilt fast. This guy's been carved for about four days, which is why he's looking rough. In case you can't tell, it's a mario mushroom :)
Now I just have to walk to the store and pick up some stuff for dinner. I'm thinking risotto!