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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home Improvement

(Did any of you guys watch that show? My sister and I ate it up, mainly because of JTT. Plus, Wilson is so mysterious.)


Colton's gaffing today (that means he's in charge of lighting a set) so I'm here at the apartment trying to make it a little more like a home. It's definitely a nice apartment, but it's very bare. Cream walls, cream ceiling, slightly darker cream carpet. I usually work with a pretty bright palette, so it's a challenge to liven this place up a little without having to paint everything (although I'm planning to paint the bedroom a light grey.)

So this morning I put up the curtains. (I borrowed a drill from the manager. The directions on the rod said to use a 1/4 bit. Yikes!) I also decided to go ahead a put some photos up, and I made a little harness on our ukulele to attach it to the wall :)

Our Fireplace!

The Living Room (The couch faces the tv, and is actually a really nice warm grey, even though it looks brown in the picture)
The fabric I picked out to sew some cushions
Our Jack-O-Lantern! Here in LA, pumpkins wilt fast. This guy's been carved for about four days, which is why he's looking rough. In case you can't tell, it's a mario mushroom :)
Now I just have to walk to the store and pick up some stuff for dinner. I'm thinking risotto!


  1. I'm sure your apartment is quite homey and cheery with your artistic Kelly-touches. Just save up your brilliant decorating ideas until you have a house... I have a folder for mine!

  2. Kelly, I think you are adorable and I like your life :)
    Also, I think you should cover that whole wall with different art, photos, and objects (like ukuleles). Did you know that masking tape is a miracle when it comes to hanging things?