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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Have you ever felt restless?
Or like you haven't accomplished anything?

Well, I feel like that sometimes.
It's sometimes strange being out of school, where I spent the majority of my years. I'm really good at school. I'm book-smart, so it was easy for me to excel. I also like tests. I like being graded. I like when I'm told when I've done well.

But I don't get grades anymore, and I stay at home most of the time, and my house is usually a mess anyway. So sometimes I forget that I'm good at things, and that I do still accomplish things.

So, I'm going to make a list of good things I've done since graduating, so whenever I feel like I'm not good at anything, or that I don't do any important, I can look at my list and remember that I've actually done quite alot since graduating.

Since I graduated, I:

(In the general category)
-Got married
-Bought his wedding ring with my own money
-Made every centerpiece and bridesmaid accessory for the wedding
-Had an apartment for the first time
-Made the biggest purchases of my life with Colton (TV, couch, dining room table, bookshelves, bed. Yikes!)
-Paid my first bills
-Was the production designer/art director/art assistant on four short films (and I have another coming up this month!)
-Moved across the country to Los Angeles
-Made two cross-country road trips
-Made new friends
-Learned how to parallel park (Well... mostly. Sometimes it still takes a few tries.)
-Learned how to drive in LA without freaking out
-Learned how to ski
-Learned how to use Garage Band
-Learned how to use photoshop way better (Thanks, Colton!)
-Chose a church in LA and joined a small group

(In the home)
-Made a cleaning calendar that I've (mostly) stuck to
-Hosted several parties
-Figured out how to use the gas stovetop/oven without being afraid it's going to blow up
-Learned how to cook using wine/cognac/brandy
-Chose and installed curtains and a big rod (With a drill!)
-Perfected my own chicken pot pie recipe
-Perfected my own green beans recipe
-Perfected my own iced coffee recipe
-Perfected my own pancake recipe
-Perfected my own chili recipe (And won 2nd prize at a chili cookoff!)
-Broke, then repaired the garbage disposal (Note to disposal owners - you're not supposed to pour coffee grounds in there, and also check for little spoons that may have fallen in before you turn it on.)
-Made weekly meal plans and grocery lists, (usually) sticking to a $100 budget

And you know what? Looking over this, I feel good.

(If you're interested in any of my recipes, or want to know more, I will be more than happy to share.)


  1. It's encouraging to read this, because this is where I'm at right now. What good have I done?? Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I love this!! Good job to you! Real life does not place gold stickers on our foreheads nearly as often as we would wish. Send me your pancake recipe! And some examples of your weekly meal plans, if that's not too weird! I need to improve my cooking... on a budget haha.

  3. 1. You are so adorable :)
    2. The whole production designer/art director/art assistant thing is so cool! If you weren't so far away, I'd offer to be your assistant ;)