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Friday, July 27, 2012

Best Eats: Quick and Easy - The Davie Burger

I didn't really invent this, I just like naming things after myself.

Sometimes meals sneak up on me. So it's nice to have something quick to throw together so I don't flip out. (I get really grumpy if I'm hungry.) Burgers fit the bill. And besides, anyone that knows me knows that I can never turn down a big juicy burger. I love them.

This particular burger, which I most often fix at home, is inspired by the In-N-Out burger. Never a bad choice :)

Let's start!

Butter the insides of some hamburger buns - the big ones, preferably. I don't like the standard size. You'll stick them in the oven to broil while the burgers are cooking.

Mix your beef with a ton of worchestershire  sauce, until it looks yucky and brown. (Trust me. It looks gross, but your burgers will be so juicy and flavorful inside. Always mix your flavorings throughout the beef instead of just on the outside.)

Form into patties and season with salt and pepper on both sides. Make your burgers bigger than the buns to allow for some shrinkage during cooking!

Cook your burgers on the grill, or in a skillet on medium high. I use a little olive oil and butter to help them blacken a bit, but I like the inside still slightly pink. Once flipped, I go ahead and put the cheese on so it's nice and melty. While the burgers are cooking, brown the buns under the broiler. (Don't forget about them! I almost forget them every time.)

Slice your toppings while the burgers are on the stove.

Remove the burgers to your (now toasted) buns.

Add a liberal amount of Thousand Island dressing...

...Dill pickles...

...Red Onion slices...

...juicy tomatoes...

(And I usually add some romaine lettuce too, but I forgot to get some at the store. Whoops!)

And there you have it.


And messy.

Have some paper towels ready.

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