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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Just realized I never put up any picture of the new bedroom!

Perhaps a month ago, Colton was in the Bahamas AC'ing (that would be camera assisting) on a movie. He was going to be away for a bit over a week, which is the longest that we've been apart since being married. I decided to embark on a big project which would simultaneously distract me from loneliness and give him a nice surprise upon his return! So here's what I did :)

I was very proud of myself for being so handy. Everything you see I did myself, and everything is new! (Besides the mattress and bed frame.) Thanks to my friend Kaity for the lovely table - it was taking up room in her studio apartment, so she was glad for it to have a new owner. I decided to sand and paint it, and it ended up going beautifully with the room.

I'm very happy with how it turned out - very simple, clean, and calming - exactly what I was going for! It's a new direction for me, as I tend to like clutter, bright colors, and quirky details.

What have been some of your own decorating experiences?

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