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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It was an accident.

Have you ever hurt a loved one on accident? I don't mean telling them they look weird in their favorite sweater and hurting their feelings, I mean really hurting them. My mom banged my Dad's head with a frying pan once. My sister April hit her husband in the face and knocked his glasses off while they were playing tennis. April swears I broke her nose with my head when we were kids. (I still don't believe that one.)

I had a pretty clean record regarding Colton, until yesterday.

Do you see the yellow line? That's the Ulnar Nerve, commonly known as the "funny bone". It's the largest nerve in the body unprotected by muscle or bone. When I was in school, I would routinely bonk my elbow on the metal bar of my desk, and shoo-ey. It really hurts. It feels crazy.

When I wash the dishes, I like to have music going in the kitchen. I usually drag a chair from the dining room and set my laptop on it so I can get my groove on while I scrub.

Yesterday, just after I finished with the pots and pans, Colton came in the kitchen to set his plate in the sink. I decided that was an ideal time to move my computer back to the dining room. I picked up the chair and Kablooey!!!

I slammed the corner of the top rail right into his funny bone. Poor thing, he had no clue what was happening. He dropped the plate, yelled "FUUUOOOOOOWWW!!!", (what amazing self control, right?) and stumbled into the living room to hold his elbow. He couldn't feel his fingers for a good five minutes. Later he said he thought his elbow was exploding.

I'm so sorry, sweet husband. It was an accident. Please don't retaliate in like manner :)


  1. I want to laugh. But I know it hurts.

    I punched Andrew in the chin one time. With my fist. It was an accident...

  2. No worries, I laughed the entire time I was typing the post. I just couldn't help it :)

  3. Dear Kelly, You are so adorable. Also, I'm sorry for Colton - I hope his elbow feels better and I am very impressed with his self control :)

  4. awww just read reminds me of when Josh Beers chipped my elbow in Algebra 1 in eighth grade...he grabbed my sides and my first reaction was the wheel around elbows out however i knocked my funny bone area on the wooden desk and chipped the bone. i completely understand coltons pain and have total sympathy for him...

    haha also i think ive accidently hurt you more often than anyone else...sarah is probably a close second just clumsy


  5. Hahaha, I remember that story! I think you always held it against him a little :)