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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Change for the Better!

I'm on a mission to get my rear in gear.

I've always been a fairly slender person, but I've not always been the healthiest. In high school I was in good shape due to a strenuous marching band program, but once I got to Bryan College, my exercise was limited to the short walks to class. Then I got married, and I started to pack on a few pounds due to constantly cooking delicious treats and maintaining a fairly stagnant lifestyle, with the exception of the occasional ski trip.

My husband, Colton,  has been gone for a few weeks to screen his short film at film festivals in the East, and so I've been thinking up ways to occupy myself. I have three major projects going:

1) The Kickstarter for my jewelry business
2) The redecoration of the living room
3) The diet and fitness overhaul

I guess I'm just on an improvement kick!

But seriously guys, I feel SO GOOD. After reading about clean eating on a few websites, I decided to try cutting out added sugars and refined grains. (No white flour, rice, etc.) After eating this way for a little over a week, I already feel such an improvement. I had no idea how much sugar and refined flours I was eating until I cut them out, and I didn't even know that I felt bad! I've also been doing exercise daily. Nothing too crazy, and I switch it up alot so I don't get bored. I've been taking alot of long walks and long swims. My friend is teaching me to play racquetball! (I'm not very good, but I still have fun!) I also like dancing, so I made a little dance workout playlist on youtube which you can try out yourself!

It's been so good for me. I've finally started realizing that exercise can be fun, and that cooking more healthily doesn't mean cooking with less passion or skill. Healthy food can taste good! In fact, here's a picture of my beautiful lunch.

Brown rice bowl with black beans, sweet peppers, cilantro, cumin, sea salt, cayenne, and a dollop of sour cream and fresh hummus.
I've also been experimenting with whole wheat pastry flour. It seems like many bread recipes using 100% whole wheat flour call for dough conditioners and other additives to make the bread less dense, but I had great success with this recipe last night without having to buy these extras from the health food store!

I don't think I've ever felt so confident and in control of my body. I'm giving it what it needs, instead of feeding it with empty calories but starving it of nutrients! I feel like I already look better (I'm not totally sure, though, because I didn't take photos, measurements, or my weight at the start. I don't want my focus to be weight loss), and I can definitely jump higher and run faster. I think alot of this also has to do with my water intake - I've never liked water too much, but I've been drinking two glassfuls with every meal and a few in between.

I'll make sure to update on my progress as time goes on. I feel really excited to see how my thoughts and body adapt to a healthier lifestyle :)


  1. Great job! Proud of you girly! Not sure how much I'd like your lunch but it sure is pretty!!

  2. This is awesome! Way to go! I'm proud of you for taking control and for being proactive about being healthy! I'm also excited because I've been on the same path.

    When I returned from Korea, I found that my body didn't like the usual large portions of American food, so I started cutting back seriously just because I wasn't hungry for the processed food. That wasn't the best thing that could happen, but it did give me a jumpstart on weight loss and portion control. Now I'm eating much cleaner foods and I've found good portion sizes that my stomach feel comfortable with. I also do pilates which I love, and I'm looking much leaner and feeling more confidant in my body and healthy. :)