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Monday, April 23, 2012

Today at home :)

Since Colton was working on a shoot in Chinatown today, I had a day at home by myself!

I love that my husband gets to stay at home with me alot of the time, (that's just how it is with film - you could work solid for a month, then get a 3 week break) I find that it's alot harder to get anything done while he's around - I just like to hang out with him! It makes me a little lazy :)

Here's what I did:

- Washed the dishes (yuck!)

- Drove to Chinatown to drop off the camera charger and battery (Very proud that I found the studio without a gps!)

- Washed the laundry (yuck!)

- Ate an entire pizza from Reno's down the street (with pineapple... my favorite!)

- Watched a few japanese game shows (I'm a sucker for them. Ninja Warrior!!!)

- Got my leather scraps in the mail (yay!!! That means I get to start in earnest on my new line of jewelry... it has festival and Native American influences... I'll be sure to post a link once my etsy shop is up and running!)

- Hung out with my neighbor and her son, talking about jewelry, animation, illustration, rubric's cubes, and Minecraft. (My neighbor is awesome. She's some kind of bigwig in the india/pakistan garment industry, and illustrates children's books. Her son goes to tech school, was recently bar mitzvah'ed, and loves video games.)

Not a bad day!

(Now I'm hanging out on the couch sipping on a pretty bizarre drink concoction - tropical frozen concentrate I made, gin, and tonic water. Pretty good, actually!)

I'm very much looking forward to going stone shopping tomorrow - I've got my eye on some gorgeous druzy quartz, and hopefully a good supply on focal jasper slabs, and maybe some labradorite. I love rocks!

How was your day?

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